Universal flaker for a wide range of wood assortments

New board concepts have always been focus area of our Research and Development organisation. Our latest achievement here is the development of new type of hybrid boards, which combine the bending strength of OSB with the lamination possibilities of conventional particleboard or MDF. We call these Boards “Ultimate Particleboard”

To achieve this target, the team from the Siempelkamp Research & Development Centre fine tuned the proven machine concept of universal flakers. The result is a machine that offers a competitive technological advantage and a unique selling point: Modern Universal flakers deliver high-quality flakes with a superior slenderness ratio that offer exceptional bending strength also from small diameter wood.

Boards made from these flakes are characterised by superior mechanical properties and low weight. To obtain laminatable surfaces, the board manufactured in this manner, can additionally be covered with a standard fine surface layer.

Consequently, the team from the Siempelkamp Research & Development Centre brought the ideal combination, "universal flakes for the core layer; fine surface layer for a smooth surface.

1. Gripped, oriented wood feed enables feed of small-diameter wood and logs with a wide variety of geometric dimensions.

2. A forceful hold of the logs to be flaked ensures a continuous quality flaking.

3. A continuous feed movement of the knife shaft through the flaking chamber, gripped by folding hold-down elements and defined by the working width of the knife shaft, enables high-availability and safe flaking of the logs.

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