Sustainability engineered by Siempelkamp

Preserving resources, reducing emissions, saving energy and thus also reducing costs - these aspects of sustainable wood-based panel production form a focus of our work. Discover more about the sustainability and recycling concept of Siempelkamp.

Investing in a wood-based panel plant is a complex project because it is not only about machines and individual trades, but about well thought-out and customized solutions and concepts for plants as well as holistically thought-out production processes. Many factors play a role here, such as the resource-saving use of raw materials or intelligent technologies to make our customers' wood-based panel production as energy-efficient and economical as possible. In our group of companies we focus our joint commitment on exactly these goals.

Preserving resources

Speaking of "ponserving resources": The Siempelkamp research and development center has long been oriented towards making alternative raw materials and waste wood assortments usable for board production. In this way we respond to the much discussed topics of cascade utilization or "circular economy" in the industry. This plays a decisive role in our sustainability concept: The raw material wood as well as residual materials that accumulate during production are recycled several times. This not only ensures the responsible use of resources but also reduces costs.

Reducing emissions, saving energy

In particular, the topic of "energy efficiency" is continuously gaining importance globally. For the wood-based panel industry we are setting the course with the EcoPulser. The EcoPulser enables the low-energy size reduction of waste wood and wood chips for the production of particleboard. Sonic shock waves act on the material to break up the structure. Even the most abrasive materials can be perfectly shredded with this non-contact treatment. Metal and plastic are not shredded along with the material, but are discharged via the screening technology. In addition, the EcoPulser is resistant to contaminants such as stones or metal pieces, as there is no material contact with the blade rings. The concept reduces wear and lowers energy consumption by up to 80% compared to common size reduction concepts.

Büttner Energie- und Trocknungstechnik GmbH, part of the Siempelkamp Group, is also particularly dedicated to the requirements of energetic efficiency and the reduction of emissions with its environmental technology. The existing product portfolio, which includes drying systems, energy plants, as well as burners, has been expanded in 2022: Process engineering systems for exhaust gas, exhaust air and process gas cleaning with energy recovery as well as water treatment now complete the company's spectrum. For this purpose, 2022 has established the Competence Center for Environmental Technology. At the Kaiserslautern location, Büttner and its experienced team of specialists design and construct both dry electrostatic precipitators to separate ash from hot flue gases in energy plants and wet electrostatic precipitators (WESP) to reduce particles and volatile emissions from the waste air emitted by drying and press systems. This gives new customers the opportunity to focus on energy efficiency and emission reduction as early as the planning and design stage of their plants. Existing customers can also obtain advice on modernizing, converting and expanding their existing plants.

Sustainability factor no. 1: Engineered by Siempelkamp!

Last but not least, one factor is decisive for the conclusiveness of our sustainability concept: The label "Engineered by Siempelkamp" stands for the complete plant competence of the Siempelkamp Group; the performance network of the subsidiaries and production sites is characterized by a strong synergy concept.

In order to expand our presence in the recycling market, we have bundled the expertise of our subsidiaries. CMC Texpan contributes its strength in the areas of classifying and sorting, Pallmann in the area of size reduction technology, and Sicoplan its planning competence. Thus we have created a comprehensive portfolio which is strengthened by Büttner's experience in the implementation of recycling projects. This portfolio is rounded off by external technical partnerships and worldwide cooperations. In this way we provide plant operators with the knowledge, experience, and partnerships to generate sustainable, customized recycling solutions.

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