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Safe storage and transport: Siempelkamp is your container manufacturer for heat-generating and non-heat-generating radioactive materials

Wide range of designs for all classes

We produce a variety of containers for handling radioactive materials of all classifications. The choice of materials ranges from the use of different casting qualities to granulated concrete and steel.

The range of services is completed by the authorization to carry out type tests. For more than 30 prototype types, the required certificates of qualification for the transport and storage of the casks have already been successfully completed in our manufacturing facilities. 

CASTOR ® casks bodies

CASTOR ® casks are used as transport and interim storage containers for fuel elements and high-level radioactive waste. Siempelkamp supplies and manufactures the thick-walled spheroidal graphite cast iron cask body with unit weights of 30 to 160 t including the necessary mechanical processing on behalf of GNS (Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbh, Essen) as the licence and trademark holder. To date, over 400 CASTOR ® container bodies have been produced in our manufacturing facilities.

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