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"50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders“: Working together to make our world more sustainable

Krefeld, June 10th, 2021 – At the end of May, TBD Media Group launched its global, innovative "50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders" campaign. The focus is on visionary concepts which address the increasingly urgent tasks in the context of climate change. The Siempelkamp Group participates in the global sustainability and climate protection initiative together with 49 other companies operating worldwide – thus fulfilling its responsibility to make society and its industries more sustainable.

„A race we can win“: Siempelkamp is committed to the global sustainability and climate protection initiative

Leading companies are taking a visionary step forward together with this campaign to advance climate protection – e.g. Le Petit Fils Chopard, Audi AG, Standard Bank SA, Rosenbauer America, Tetra Pak, George Fischer, Moodys, QI Group, Dirk Rossmann, OC Oerlikon Management, Carl Zeiss AG and the Siempelkamp Group. "In the wood-based panel industry, our core industry, climate change requires us to adapt raw material use and production processes to the increasing shortage of wood and other challenges. Thus, we are proud to join forces with the ‚50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders‘ to set an important signal for the preservation of our environment and to push for a sustainable change in dealing with our climate," says Dr. Martin Stark, CEO of the Siempelkamp Group.

TBD Media Group, an international media developer, is addressing a key need for change with its campaign: The critical state of the climate and the relevance of sustainability have become firmly rooted in the public consciousness, consumers are becoming more sensitive and are demanding that organizations and companies take action. Companies that fail to act on these demands run the risk of being left behind when it comes to sustainable change. "The world of tomorrow will be a sustainable one. The leaders making sure we will have a strong and climate friendly future are, through their trailblazing actions, the ones to watch. Our role is to make sure they enter into the global conversation and tell us how they are changing the world" said Paolo Zanini, CEO of TBD Media Group.

50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders engages with the movers and shakers that are helping to drive the spheres of business and society towards a sustainable and optimal future. The companies involved present their actions in a broad media campaign with short and customized documentaries.

For example, the development of the world’s first electric fire fighting apparatus, the commitment to a sustainable transformation in the food industry, concepts for the sustainable growth of regions such as Africa – and the reorientation of board production in the wood-based panel industry, for which Siempelkamp stands, will be showcased. Based on its intensive research and development, the company provides wood-based panel plants which allow waste materials from agriculture and industry to be put to a new use as raw material for panel board production – for example, rice straw, wheat straw, or bamboo. This corresponds with the shortage of wood in many regions of the world and the demands posed by climate change. Depending on the raw material supply and the market situation, wood-based panel producers can thus make use of new, resource-saving processes from Siempelkamp. In the USA and Egypt customers already rely on MDF production lines for fiberboard made of rice straw; other regions such as Nigeria, India, China, and Australia are also interested in the visionary concept.

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