Facts & Figures

Turnover trend

Sales revenues achieved by the Siempelkamp Group in 2017 totalled € 716.9m  following € 732.8m in the previous year. Its entire performance improved to €702.0m in the year under review (2016: €588.2m). Compared to the previous year, this represents an increase of 19.3 %.

Total order value

With the incoming orders amounting to € 721.4m (2016: € 624.3m), the Siempelkamp Group was able to exceed ist overall targets, outperforming previous year Performance by having a 15.5 % growth. A distinct increase was recorded by the Maschinen- und Anlagenbau unit, which clearly exceeded ist target: at € 601.8m, incoming orders in this unit were significantly higher than the previous years figure (€ 500.8m).

Siempelkamp Giesserei succeeded in increasing ist order intake to € 81.1m, which is beyond the target, and also exceeded the previoud year's order intake of €74.8m. As in previous years, the Engineering and Service unitacted in the context of the withdrawal from nuclear energy, achieving an order intake of €52.0m (2016: € 68.2m).


Committed teams are the important foundation of our Group.  'The power starts in the machine room' is the maxim we act on with the awareness that our reputation as an innovative force and source of ideas in numerous market segments is based on the dedication of our teams.

As of December 31, 2017 we employed 2,919 people in the Siempelkamp Group. In Addition 66 trainees started their professional career in technical, cooperative and commercial training positions.

Baseline figures of the Siempelkamp Group for 2017 (in million €, consolidated):

Business units Total order value Total revenue Total Order backlog Employees*
Machine and plant engineering 601.8 565,8 568.9 614.5 2276
Engineering and Service 52.0 84.9 66.7 41.2 297
Foundry technology 81.1 87.3 89.8 43.1 342
Holding - 8.5 8.5 - 4
Consolidation -13.5 -29.6 -31.9 -8.9 -
Total Group 721.4 716.9 702.0 690.0 2,919
Trainees         66

* as at December 31