Production locations

We manufacture close to our customers.

Our five production locations are our foundation for services that are quickly available when our customers require them. These locations guarantee short delivery routes and a high amount of in-house production which, in turn, results in reduced costs!

Several international production facilities provide a high vertical range of manufacture and best quality to plant operators worldwide. This goes for new equipment as well as for the spare parts supply and always includes flexibility and timeliness.

In Germany we are represented with the corporate headquarters in Krefeld and Hombak-Zerkleinerungstechnik (milling/flaking technology) in Bad Kreuznach as well as the Ventapp Group located in Kempen. On an international basis Siempelkamp operates Siempelkamp CZ s.r.o. in Blatnice/Czech Republic, CMC Texpan in Colzate/Italy and Wuxi Machinery Co. Ltd in Wuxi/China.


  • Krefeld (Unternehmensstammsitz)
  • Strothmann, Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock
  • CMC Texpan, Colzate/Italien
  • Ventapp-Gruppe, Kempen
  • Pallmann, Zweibrücken
  • Wolfangel, Ditzingen
  • Siempelkamp, Qingdao/China
  • Siempelkamp, Wuxi/China
  • Siempelkamp CZ, Blatnice/Tschechien
  • Siempelkamp Krantechnik, Moormerland