Complete laminating lines

All short-cycle press models are part of a complete concept, from the material handling to the storage and packing system.

Siempelkamp's storage concepts are designed to meet these conditions. They include customized systems ranging from a simple paper storage to air-conditioned high-bay storage units for sensitive goods (Pic 1 and 2).

Different concepts for paper lay-up are also available. The inline paper laying system separates the paper from two stacks automatically and includes a device for quick pallet changeovers. This system is designed for high outputs and is particularly suitable for the production of furniture panels. For the manufacture of laminate flooring Siempelkamp developed the precision paper lay-up system. This patented system features a high-precision paper laying and aligning device which achieves laying tolerances of +/- 1 mm in length and width (Pic 3 and 4).

High precision and repeat accuracy is achieved with Siempelkamp's in-register embossing for tile products and synchronized pore structures. Decor papers and charges have to be aligned accurately to achieve high-quality patterns. The solution: With the help of print marks, the charge is precisely aligned to the decor paper and then placed into the press with a repeat accuracy of +/- 1 mm (Pic 5). 

Siempelkamp's material handling systems carry out the feeding of a board from storage reliably and as needed. After the press process and finished board removal, the board stacking and storing, packaging and shipping processes ensure that the finished product reaches each remaining process step or use area with the same high quality level it had after leaving the Siempelkamp short-cycle press (Pic 6 and 7)!


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