ContiRoll®: continuous research

The ContiRoll® continuous press has long been one of our most innovative concepts. Our R&D organisation has consistently rethought this concept and refined it with visionary skill. Our Research & Development ensures that our customers get precisely the product that their markets demand – furniture panels, panels for interior fitting, flooring laminates, ultra-thin boards, lightweight boards, boards made of fast-growing raw materials.

The ContiRoll® bundles near than 40 years of consistent refinement of the Siempelkamp press technology. More than 360 presses have been sold and are in operation around the world. The ContiRoll® chronology is now in its ninth generation. Its significant benefits compared to predecessor generations: extended flexible press infeed, innovative heating concept, new hydraulics, increased press speed.


Hydraulics concept: Dimensionally consistent, high-quality products

The hydraulics of the ContiRoll® Generation 9 are configured precisely for the production spectrum of the plant operators. For example, the hydraulics can be configured to the special requirements of thin board/ultra-thin board or lightweight board production, as needed.

Thickness control in conjunction with the hydraulic system plays a special role. Even if deviating product quality has been detected, under some circumstances, several square meters of scrap board will still be produced, since a faulty product thickness must only be compensated via the thickness feedback.

Consequently, we have perfected the thickness measuring process of the ContiRoll® Generation 9 to ensure at all times the certainty of a high-quality product, even at the highest production capacity. It was possible to implement this solution approach for a thickness measuring process, which is independent of all influence factors of the machine, through a separate construction. A statically stable, autonomous measurement frame serves as a solid reference dimension reference point – uncoupled from all thermal and static influence factors.


ContiRoll Ecodrive for more energy-efficiency

The Ecodrive, as well, has already proven itself for the 9th generation of the ContiRoll®. This is a synchronous motor technology that offers improved stability of rotational speed, works with significantly greater energy-efficiency than earlier concepts and it is extremely maintenance-friendly. The ContiRoll-Ecodrive system offers potential energy-savings of at least 7% in full-load operation and up to 14% in partial-load operation – and it does so with optimum efficiency. Constant high torque over the entire production speed range, up to 2,500 mm/s, is an important system characteristic.


ContiRoll® Generation 9 NEO

For the first time in its history the ContiRoll® Generation 9 will be offered in two design variants. In addition to the design with flexible infeed, our Research and Development organisation developed the ContiRoll® Generation 9 NEO as a second design variant. NEO stands for New Entry Option, in other words a double infeed booster heating plate length with particular flexibility. The extended, fully-flexible press infeed results in better venting of the incoming pressed mat. In conjunction with the matrix hydraulics the infeed can be bent in the longitudinal and transverse direction. The advantages: Venting of materials that are difficult to vent can be improved, higher feed speeds are possible.

An additional advantage: With the ContiRoll® Generation 9 NEO individual activation of the cylinders is possible. This enables high-precision adjustment of the press profile, so that product quality is increased and grinding allowances are reduced. True to the "one fits all" concept, different raw materials can be processed on one press; after product change the system will be reconfigured. Since all cylinders are designed as differential cylinders, the press can be easily opened at any point desired. Steam more effectively penetrates the warmed-through mat; pressure regulation over the length of the press can be executed as desired. In conjunction with all the innovations cited these results in higher feed speed and better productivity.

Thus, increases in production speed of up 30% can be assured. The potential of the increased energy input at commencement of the pressing process, guarantees significantly reduced heating time factors and a corresponding capacity increase of the ContiRoll®.

The new ContiRoll® Generation 9i: Even more reliability, performance and a new access concept

The latest version of the continuous press ContiRoll®, under the name ContiRoll® Generation 9i, introduces optimizations for plant operators in three essential aspects: reliability, performance, and the accessibility of the press. At LIGNA 2023 we will present the latest version of Generation 9 under the name ContiRoll® Generation 9i: "i" standing for "intelligent" and "innovative". The proven and mature design of our press has received updates that redefine the triad of reliability, performance, and accessibility to the press – central to plant operators.


A redesigned lubrication system for the roller rods provides the plant operator with even more reliable and precise lubrication of the roller rods across the entire width of the plant. This ensures that the correct amount of lubrication is applied. The new lubrication system can also be retrofitted. Further optimizations are focused on the steel belt control: The proven design of the ContiRoll® ensures optimum steel belt tracking, resulting in a small necessary adjusting range of the steel belt control. This leads to less stress and prevents deformation on the steel belt. In general, the optimization aims at a long service life of the steel belts, as well as excellent control of the steel belt by the operating personnel.


In the "Performance" area, a symmetrical hotplaten joint comes into play, which ensures uniform rollover behavior and thus enables consistently high production output. Optimizations have also been made to the second heating platen. These are aimed at high production output, faster heating of the press, and precise control of the hotplaten temperature via the heating circuits of the ContiRoll® Generation 9i. The ever-longer presses will also be able to perform reliably and efficiently in the future thanks to targeted adjustments to the chain tensioner. A central innovation targeting the performance of the press comes into play with the adaptive forming system developed by Siempelkamp. It ensures a closed control loop for best and permanent forming accuracy without human intervention. Here, the EcoScan NEO measuring system provides support by opening up a high-resolution analysis of the basis weight distribution and a reliable foreign body detection directly after the pre-press.

Access to the press

Decisive for the third aspect, the new access concept for Siempelkamp presses, is the new hot platen connection of the ContiRoll® Generation 9i. It makes the press gap visible and accessible and optimizes the installation on site. The accessible press gap also makes it possible to record emissions more directly and efficiently. The newly applied safety concept realizes improved monitoring from the press infeed to the press outfeed, more access areas for inspections during operation, and an improved concept for the safety fences, which are available in several variants (closer and more distant from the press).

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