EcoScan NEO

Traversing weight-per-unit-area gauge and tramp material detector

Owners of Siempelkamp plants will find a combination of two advantages in one EcoScan NEO gauge: a high-resolution analysis of the weight-per-unit-area distribution and a reliable tramp material detection. Measured data are collected simply and fast across the mat width and processed by the gauge ex prepress.

According to the fast absorption measurement method, the traversing measuring heads of the EcoScan NEO scan the entire mat width in a sinus curve. One or two X-ray sources (the no. depends on the board width) located underneath the mat emit the X-rays through the mat. Self-adjusting measuring heads located above the mat detect the residual radiation that has not been absorbed. Excluding the presence of the forming belt, even the smallest deviations in weight per unit area are detected at a consistent resolution of ±0.5 % of the mat weight above the entire measuring range:

An independent, stand-alone EcoScan NEO system emits X-rays through the entire mat. An intelligent algorithm detects tramp material as small as 1.6 mm. This is the most effective protection of all downstream press components.

EcoScan NEO offers a clear multidimensional visualisation able to localise forming errors and tramp material in the mat, to limit faulty mat sections containing density deviations and to detect even the smallest tramp material. It is possible to evaluate statistically the findings online by linking the gauge to the intelligent process control system Prod-IQ®and to visualise the results on various kinds of HDI-surfaces.

EcoScan - another measuring system integrated into the SicoScan Family.

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