High efficient cable creel strategy

As in both existing press lines at the Fenner Dunlop manufacturing facility, the creel is equipped with twice the maximum number of required cords let offs, to enable greater flexibility and fast product changeover. Thus several hours of unloading, as well as loading and product change of the steel cord let-off, are completely dispensed with and this considerably increases the production availability of the overall plant.

Improved cord tension distribution

The key advantage for the plant operator: Thanks to twice the number of motor-braked, steel cord let-offs, the plant operator is able to run production with one half of the let-offs, load and unload the creel, or make the new adjustments for a product change with the other half. No matter what is conveyed: Production does not stop for adjustment or retooling times.

Another advantage of the efficient operating concept is the motor braking of all steel cord let-offs of a half. The braking torque, with which the steel cords are braked at pull-through, is generated by a central frequency converter – indeed as is the braking torque of all steel cord let-offs that are equipped with steel cords for the next production slot. This is extremely important for uniform tension of the steel cords in the downstream hydraulic cord tension station, in order to achieve the uniform tension status downstream from the cord tension station after pull-through. There are multiple influence factors that result in optimal cord tension distribution – uniform pretensioning after pull-through is one of them. Ultimately cord tension distribution is responsible for straight tracking of the conveyor belt in operation.

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