Innovation Award 2019!

EcoPulser at Expobiomasa - Success message: In September, the international Bioenergy fair Expobiomasa has awarded the 2019 Innovation Award to Siempelkamp subsidiary Pallmann. The EcoPulser technology, which crushes wood using shock waves, is worthy of an award. The concept is also gaining acceptance on the market.

The Expobiomasa in Valladolid / Spain is regarded as a jour-fixe for companies that deal with the use of biomass as an energy source. Of course, the Pallmann concept “EcoPulser” found a suitable forum here.

With its unique functional principle, the EcoPulser adds an important innovation to the Pallmann shredding technology range. The EcoPulser is a mill that does not crush with mechanical contact, but it does so through “shock waves” which are gen-erated by two revolving rotors. This new system saves up to 80 % in energy costs compared to conventional mills such as hammer mills, flakers or similar machines. “Thus, significant reductions in pay-back times are now feasible, i. e. in some cases a Return on Investment in about only 8 months can be realized by customers”, says Carlos Gómez, head of Pallmann Ibérica.

More detailed: The EcoPulser can crush approx. 5 MT / h (atro) of wood chips with only 2 engines of 22 kW each. Having no mechanical contact, maintenance costs between stops, wear parts, etc. can be reduced by up to 30 %. In addition, it does not generate wood dust during crushing, so it does not generate an ATEX zone and the extraction system can be of a much reduced design, consequently saving energy, too. Finally, in the case of recycled wood, the shock waves only crush the wood, but not other contaminating elements such as plastics or metals (ferrous or non-ferrous), without these affecting the rotors of the EcoPulser when passing through it. Therefore, the final material can obtain a better separation and an improved final cleaning.

Technological lead perfectly meets customer needs: The Spanish particle board manufacturer Financiera Maderera S. A. (FINSA) has just ordered this innovative and efficient size reduction technology. During the LIGNA 2019 trade fair the project was discussed in detail and finalized in July: FINSA ordered two EcoPulser Twin, each equipped with two pairs of rotors. The Twin-version achieves a throughput rate of approximately 10 MT / h (atro) and it will be used by FINSA with dry material (i. e. for getting a higher percentage of particleboard surface layer). The second EcoPulser Twin will be used by FINSA for the processing of waste wood with a mois-ture content of approximately 30 %. 

EcoPulser – clever technology for pellet or wood chip production

The production of pellets or biomass as fuel for energy generation, has a signif-icant disadvantage, as more than 50 % of its total production costs stem from energy costs. While true, it still sounds like a paradox that it costs us a lot of energy to produce something that then has to provide a “green energy”, right?

The EcoPulser is an alternative and revolutionary technology compared to current grinding systems in pellet man-ufacturing processes or when obtaining wood chips to be burned in biomass boilers. In addition, its application in the case of recycled wood is a revolu-tion since customers can obtain an even greater purity of the fi nal product with-out the need of a rather complex sepa-ration system. Metals and plastics are not crushed and can be separated much better, signifi cantly reducing the level of contamination of the fi nal product.

Potential customers are producers of wood panel products, pellets, briquettes, fl akes or chips for power plants and all wood recyclers.

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