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Siempelkamp is a prime example for German Engineering. This means Siempelkamp has engineering expertise at the highest level. We are a driving force for innovations and a source of stimulus in our market segments. After all, it is not without reason that we are the world market leader in many areas. The reason for this should come as no surprise. This position is reinforced by our more than 3,000 well qualified and motivated employees with their pioneering spirit, commitment, and ambition.

High school students, college students, young professionals or people with work experience who possess these very characteristics can find numerous entry opportunities into a challenging and stable scope of activities at Siempelkamp. Challenging development opportunities as well as growing roles and responsibilities are included when accepting a position at Siempelkamp.

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* For the sake of better readability references to persons in the following will always be given in the masculine form on the present career pages. Reference to the term “employee” or “mechatronics engineer” etc. shall include both persons of female and male gender.