In our factory buildings we assemble plant components and complete machines including the electrical wiring as well as the pneumatic and hydraulic systems. The assembly of the hydraulic components and units is followed by testing on a test stand.

For larger pipe diameters, we manufacture pipes in our own pipe welding shop. Furthermore, we offer the plant startup, surface coating, and shipment of ready-to-install complete plants and individual components.

Assembly area: 1.800 m²
Workshop pit 1: 10.000 x 5.600 mm, 4.900 mm tief
Workshop pit 2: 15.000 x 5.000 mm, 2.900 mm tief
Crane hook height: 15 m
Individual workpiece weight: max. 160 t

Assembly area: 590 m²
Test stand: 110 m²
Max. oil capacity: 20.000 l
Max. test pressure: 610 bar
Crane capacity: 10 t

Auxiliary equipment
CNC Bending machines
Bending machines