Our subsidiary CMC Texpan in Colzate, Italy, manufactures machines and plants for the preparation of chips, flakes and fibers as well as glue blending and matformer systems. The company's 50 years of experience in this field complement our service spectrum with important products. Since January of 2013, Siempelkamp holds 100 % in CMC Texpan. The Italian company is now further integrated into the technology, production, and innovation pool of the Siempelkamp Group.

A decisive additional benefit: Our Italian location supplies the complete engineering with all corresponding services. The product range includes important components in the area of wood preparation which we continuously expand, for example, with new solutions in the areas of storing, dosing, cleaning, screening, and the glue application of chips, flakes, and fibers.  

Furthermore, CMC Texpan manufactures the complete range of matforming machines according to Siempelkamp specifications.

The advantage for our customers: This location with its excellently trained employees makes a large contribution to Siempelkamp as a complete service provider in the area of machinery for wood based products!