Titanium sponge compacting presses

Our compacting presses for titanium sponge are used in numerous different industries. Component parts made of titanium and titanium alloys play an important role in the aerospace industry for plane engines or highly stressed parts such as the undercarriage or supporting structures of an aircraft. Titanium is also indispensable for orthopedic applications as well as the chemical industry. The compression speed of our presses, which can be precisely adjusted to the product, offers operators highest repeat and size accuracy.

Press capacity:

  • hydraulic: < 80 MN

Customer benefit:

  • single or double-acting design
  • automated tool change concept
  • fatigue-endurable design
  • remote access for service support


Götz Sondermann


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Ina Schöppe


Phone: + 49 (0) 2151 – 92 4205