Special machines

Siempelkamp's special presses for metal forming offer a perfect balance between the use of standard components and a custom-made design. In addition to powder compacting presses for the production of titanium compacts Siempelkamp also offers hydro forming presses and plants for hydro forming processes.

Short cycle times, flexible and adapted automation degrees combined with high-pressure systems practically proven of value render Siempelkamp hydro forming presses attractive for all applications. By means of the hydro forming process complex work piece geometries are economically manufactured.

On our titanium sponge compacting presses compacts are made that are primarily used as starting products for the aircraft construction after they are completed in subsequent processing cycles. This is why titanium and titanium alloys in jet engines or for highly stressed components as landing gear and undercarriage are of significant importance.

Siempelkamp hydroforming presses are used for the production of complex workpiece shapes in longitudinal and cross sections. High size accuracy during production as well as flow-advantageous component contours and junction geometries are speaking for themselves. The fitting industry is one of the numerous domains.