Upsetting, piercing and drawing presses

For our customers we customize our upsetting, piercing and drawing presses according to their intended application. Thus, operators can manufacture seamless high-pressure gas cylinders, pre-formed piercings and cylindrical hollow bodies, ring and flange blanks as well as blanks for large billets and blooms. The production of seamless pressure vessels, thick-walled cylinders and pipe blanks is also possible with these Siempelkamp presses.


Rüdiger Bartz


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Individual or combination press - our presses are ideal for products with small wall thicknesses in large quantities. They are designed to meet the customer's needs and the product requirements. They ensure a smooth production process and the perfect interaction of all components. Our presses are used to manufacture pre-formed piercings, gas cylinders and other cylindrical hollow bodies.

Press capacity upsetting and piercing presses

  • hydraulic: < 30 MN

Press capacity drawing press

  • hydraulic: < 5 MN

Customer benefit:

  • supply of complete plants
  • cooling and lubricating systems
  • complete automation
  • die changing systems

Depending on the press size and product requirement, Siempelkamp upsetting and piercing presses are available in single-frame design, compact frame design or pre-stressed tie-rod design. These presses are used in the manufacture of numerous different products such as ring and flange blanks or large billets and blooms.

Press capacity:

  • hydraulic: < 100 MN

Customer benefit:

  • automated solutions
  • stress resistant concepts
  • high availability by using proven standard elements
  • customer-specific solutions

With our horizontal hot drawing presses customers manufacture special thick-walled pipes with a wall thickness of up to 250 mm, for example, special pressure vessels and cylinder pipes. These presses are used in the energy, transport, or power plant industries.

Press capacity:

  • hydraulic < 30 MN

Customer benefit:

  • horizontal press design
  • tool design
  • 1 and 2 drawing tools
  • special sealing system of the horizontal main cylinder
  • mandrel bar guiding system
  • automatic mandrel clamp
  • drawing ring replacement and clamping system
  • material transport system (roller conveyor)
  • loading and unloading by means of crane system