Isothermal forging presses

Siempelkamp provides first-class solutions when it comes to the forging of special materials such as nickel-based or special titanium alloys by means of forming speeds which have been adapted to the process. This is ensured by our own engineered electrical and hydraulic controls - a competence which is based on our experience of many decades in the area of isothermal forging.

Press capacity:

  • hydraulic: < 150 MN

Customer benefit:

  • complete plants including tool, vacuum, protective gas and heating technologies
  • reduced forming forces (Factor 5 -10)
  • forming speeds of 0.01 mm/s adapted to the process
  • highly complex forgings
  • close tolerances
  • finish-forged functional surfaces
  • minimum machining allowances


Carsten Daub


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Ina Schöppe


Phone: + 49 (0) 2151 – 92 4205