Closed-die forging presses

With press capacities between 15 and 500 MN, Siempelkamp's closed-die forging presses offer the optimal solution for numerous application areas. The optimal relationship between press dimension and press force offers our customers maximum benefits. Best process and system parameters are the guarantee for high dimensional and repeat accuracy. 


Amir Tanbakouchi


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Ina Schöppe


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From individual presses to complete and fully-automatic forging lines, Siempelkamp's closed-die forging presses provide a high degree of precision and productivity, especially due to the integrated control for connected systems. We always find the perfect balance between standardization and customer-specific solutions. 

Press capacity:

  • hydraulic: < 100 MN

Customer benefit:

  • automation with integrated manipulator control
  • quick tool change
  • fatigue-endurable design
  • high dimensional accuracy
  • high repeat accuracy

Siempelkamp supplies hydraulic closed-die forging presses for many different application areas. According to the application area, guidance accuracy, cycle time, eccentricity, and speed are optimally adjusted with one another. Depending on the customers' requirement, Siempelkamp's closed-die forging presses are available in different designs - as push down and pulldown presses. If desired we can supply these presses as part of a complete solution, from the press segment to the forging plant.

Press capacity:

  • hydraulic: < 500 MN

Customer benefit:

  • precisely coordinated forming speed
  • automation
  • optimal process and system parameters
  • quick tool change
  • fatigue-endurable design
  • high size and repeat accuracy
  • tool design