Presses for the forging industry have to complete individual tasks and ensure efficient production.

As a specialist with over 80 years of experience in this area, Siempelkamp has the necessary knowledge, not only in the area of press construction but also in process technology.

Customers from the automotive industry use our presses for the production of aluminum rims. But also crankshafts or semi-finished parts that are applied in automotive construction can be forged on Siempelkamp presses.

Siempelkamp's closed-die forging presses and their associated process technology can be used in the production of many different forgings for the aircraft industry. These include turbine disks, turbine blades, shafts and other structural components, to name a few. Our isothermal forging presses are well suited for the production of highly stressed components used in high-tech products. Our ring rolling mills forge rings made of Inconel or Titanium with radial and axial forces of up to 600 t (661 US tons).

Customers from the energy industry use our forging presses in numerous applications. For example, for the production of turbine disks with diameters of up to 2,200 mm (7.2 ft) which can be used in the power plant industry.

Upsetting, pre-forming, forming, piercing: Customers value Siempelkamp forging presses when it comes to the production of railway wheels and other products for the railway sector.