Concept - Design - Production


At Siempelkamp the concept of a new press is an ongoing process in which engineers of many different fields are involved. In an continuous dialogue between design department, calculation department, foundry, and production, the optimal solution for each task is found. On top of this, we work closely together with the customers and use the latest simulation methods.


Siempelkamp has a long tradition in engineering. Along with precise equipment, such as the most modern CAD programs, we create new perspectives for design work. 

The design phase is followed by basic and detailed engineering. Our analyses with different FEM systems support us in simulating the statics and dynamics of the press. Thus, we design exact customer-specific solutions. 


On the basis of the drawings of our design engineers, our own foundry contributes its part to our successful products with high competence in the area of hand-molded castings. With special and precision parts with weights of up to 273 t (300 US tons) we offer a comprehensive range of services.

The Siempelkamp Maschinenfabrik (machine factory) continues to apply our quality standards: One of the largest portal milling machines in Europe machines press tables and movable beams here. Prior to the assembly, the operational readiness of the hydraulic system can be tested.  

At the customer site, the Siempelkamp teams carry out the competent and efficient assembly of our parts. The startup by our specialists is the reliable guarantee that we have provided our customers with an optimal product.