Plants for door-skins

Door-skins are thin, compression-molded MDF which are glued to a wooden frame and, in this way, make it easy and economical to produce cassette doors.

We have established ourselves in this special area. Siempelkamp builds the fastest lines with an annual output of up to 11 million boards. The benchmark project is a 12-daylight press for door-skins made of 3.2 mm thick MDF. We have designed, delivered, and installed this press, which is unique in the world.

Technical features:

  • annual outputs of up to 11 million door-skins
  • door-skins with densities of up to 1,050 kg/m³

Customer benefits:

  • inexpensive production
  • high-speed production – high outputs
  • closed surface of the door-skins – ready for further processing (e.g., coating)


Günter Staub


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