Plants for wood-fiber insulation boards

For the production of wood-fiber insulation boards used to insulate against heat, cold, and impact sound, Siempelkamp has developed a special production method. The dry-manufacturing process allows the production of boards with a thickness of 20 (0.8 in) to 300 mm (12 in).

Siempelkamp presses also allow the production of flexible wood-fiber insulation boards which are used as insulation between rafters. A handling system, adjusted to the product, completes our package. This handling system includes diagonal and cut-to-size saws, profiling lines, stacking lines, loader and unloader units, as well as packing lines.  

Technical features:

  • production of boards with a thickness of 20 to 300 mm
  • energy savings of approx. 30% per ton compared to the traditional wet-manufacturing process
  • density can be adjusted from 80 - 200 kg/m³
  • board length can be adjusted
  • adjustment to maximum board width of approx. 2,400 – 2,600 mm
  • production outputs of 36 – 72 m³/h
  • complete, product-specific handling system

Customer benefits:

  • cost reduction due to dry-manufacturing process 
  • optimal adjustment to different application requirements
  • performance-strong production