KT 700: the new high-end line

According to the motto "More pressure equals more profile" Siempelkamp developed its multi-piston press concept 2011 into a new high-end model: Thanks to the increased pressure of up to 700 N, the KT 700 opens up the prospect to produce high-quality and new products in the area of lamination.

The result is not only a laminated board but an independent product which opens up higher added value through specific high-quality designs.

As part of this concept, Siempelkamp has reduced the pressureless exposure time to 0.8 seconds. The removal of cylinders is now easily possible. The hydraulic tank which was formerly installed in the center has been replaced with two left and right mounted hydraulic tanks in the KT 700. The innovative mounting of the upper hotplate results in precise parallelism of both hotplates.

The new KT concept made by Siempelkamp also allows flexible board width adjustment: The customer has control over several press systems which can be adjusted independently from one another and therefore receives an especially flexible concept. 

Technical features:

  • high pressing pressure of up to 700 N/cm²
  • synchronous movement of the upper bolster - guarantees precise and even touch-down
  • includes all features of KT 400

Customer benefits:

  • expanded product range
  • development of independent products – added value through design