The Siempelkamp range of products also includes turnkey plants for the drying of fibers. Our subsidiary BÜTTNER Energie- und Trocknungstechnik GmbH designs and builds flash tube dryers and components according to individual customer requirements.

Wood fibers for MDF production require a drying process with extremely short residence times inside the tube dryer. Therefore, our directly- and indirectly-heated fiber dryers apply the principle of the flash tube dryer. Following the resin application in the blowline, the fibers are injected into the flash tube for drying. After only a few seconds in the cyclone they are discharged.

For this purpose, Büttner has developed a new combination dryer: The burner is offered for a wide range of firing capacities and can practically be deployed in all dryer systems.

Technical features:

  • water evaporation capacities from 5 to over 60 t/h
  • drying capacities of 5 to more than 60 t/h bone dry material
  • single-stage or 2-stage fiber flash tube dryers
  • flash tube diameters ranging from 800 to over 3,000 mm
  • direct heating by means of modern burning chambers and single or multi-fuel burners for gas and oil, as well as flue gases or turbine exhaust gases
  • indirect heating by means of heat exchangers for steam, hot water or thermal oil

Customer benefits:

  • cost-reducing and performance-increasing methods
  • energy savings
  • high material throughputs
  • economic MDF production


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