Cooling and stacking lines

An optimally designed cooling turner as well as flexible cooling programs are significant requirements in achieving effective board cooling and optimal product quality. The cooling turner has a sophisticated design and a stable construction, guarantees high reliability, and needs little maintenance. 

Reject panels are handled by either a board breaker or via stacks. Whether it is a stacking station with lifting platform, pitless with lifting chains or for large stacks with proven pick-up carriers: the stacking solutions by Siempelkamp are versatile and tailored to the customer’s need!

Technical features:

  • quality control with feedback to the forming and press line for an improved product
  • flexible book forming for optimal press speeds and increased star cooler capacity
  • flexible cooling programs for highly efficient board cooling
  • jumbo stacks up to a height of 5 meters (16 ft) 
  • exact piece-count stacking allows stacking of any order-related smaller stacks

Customer benefit:

  • complete solutions, flexibly configured to different board sizes


Wilhelm Schieferdecker


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