The Siempelkamp subsidiary BÜTTNER Energie- und Trocknungstechnik GmbH supplies turnkey plants for the drying of wood particles. Büttner designs and builds drum dryers according to individual customer requirements.

Büttner has developed a combination burner for gas, wood dust and oil. These burners are offered for a wide range of firing capacities and are practically deployed in all dryer systems for various materials.


  • directly heated particle dryers with up to 60 t/h of water evaporation capacity
  • 10 to over 70 t/h of dry material throughput
  • drum size ranging from 3,400 to over 6,500 mm in diameter
  • directly heated with burners or flue gases from energy plants
  • indirectly heated particle dryers with up to 10 t/h of water evaporation capacity
  • up to 10 t/h of material throughput
  • dryers with stationary housing and rotating tube bundles
  • indirectly heated with steam, hot water or thermal oil

Customer benefits:

  • energy-efficient drying
  • high material throughputs
  • economic particleboard production
  • startup of plant including burner and control