Energy plants

Thermal oil for the press, steam for the refiner or flue gases for the dryer, Siempelkamp energy plants provide stable process heat while handling wood resources economically. To use waste materials from production such as bark or sander dust to fuel our plants results in high efficiency for the plants equipped with this technology.

If connected to direct dryer systems, the total efficiency of our energy plant is >95% which results in substantial fuel savings compared to other systems. More than 24 years of experience and over 60 plants provide assurance for an outstanding product.


  • system engineering and planning
  • biomass treatment
  • stable generation of process hea
  • combustion capacity between 12 MW - 85 MW
  • matured process control
  • can be integrated into new and existing plants
  • training of customer personnel
  • service and upgrades

Customer benefits:

  • decreased costs by using available resources
  • high plant efficiency, stable supply of process heat
  • environmental relief
  • customer-specific complete solutions
  • high availability
  • low maintenance effort
  • optimal adjustment to the specific process heat consumption


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