We are a leading global manufacturer for complex cast geometries

– of hand-moulded components made from cast iron with nodular graphite.

Foundry Technology

This is based on internationally recognized casting competence, coming from many years of tradition and innovative developments. Founded in 1924, the "Siempelkamp’sche Eisen- und Metallgießerei" initially produced components for mechanical and plant engineering, which are still manufactured for large Siempelkamp presses today.

Over the course of the decades, the use of our cast iron parts has been distributed over a wide range of industries. 

Structural components for large onshore and offshore wind power plants, turbine housings, mill heads and grinding plates for raw materials production, casks and cask bodies for the nuclear industry, engine blocks for marine diesel systems, or components for plastic injection moulding machines are amongst the components in our product segments for which we produce castings. The comprehensive and customer-oriented service package includes the entire production process, from design, calculations, patternmaking and molding shop, through casting, all the way up to machining, packaging and transportation.