Our screening and fractioning units provide excellent screening technology. The gentle handling of the particle material is guaranteed with our disc, roller, oscillating, and drum screens. Combined with innovative conveyor technology, Siempelkamp provides a complete package for the production of excellent surface layer and core layer material and material obtained through air separation.

Technical features:

  • discharge screw conveyors, chain conveyors or band conveyors for the continuous material flow
  • oscillating flat screens for wet and dry material
  • disc and roller screens for the screening of chips, saw dust, and other wet particles
  • separation of heavy pollutants from the particle material with wind separators of the latest design
  • drum screens for the screening of strands into three different fractions

Customer benefits:

  • practice-proven conveyor technology
  • high availability and economic efficiency
  • low maintenance effort
  • best density profile of finished boards
  • material and energy savings
  • high degree of separation
  • precise adjustment of degree of separation


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