Size reduction technology

Professional size reduction technology of the respective types of wood is in the beginning of the process for the production of particleboard. The quality of the wood particles decides on the quality of the board. Whatever is missed at that point cannot be made up later.

For this reason Siempelkamp offers the complete range of machines for the production of chips, flakes, and strands. Whether drum chippers, knife-ring flakers, hammer or surface layer mills are used, the production of high-quality wood particles is guaranteed.

Technical features:

  • drum chipper with special toothed draw-in rollers with surface armoring
  • optimal cutting geometry in the knife-ring flaker
  • hammer mills for the processing of scrap wood
  • homogenous surface layer chips after milling

Customer benefits:

  • low production costs
  • high operational safety
  • quick installation
  • simple operation and maintenance
  • high wood particle quality
  • continuous and uniform material feed
  • high economic efficiency


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