Testing – Calculation – Assessment

Services for safety and service life

Siempelkamp Prüf- und Gutachter-Gesellschaft mbH, or SPG for short, provides extensive services for the energy and power plant sector, as well as for the chemical and petrochemical industry.
The precondition for this is our long-standing expertise, as well as our highly qualified and experienced employees. With our key skills of testing – calculation – assessment we support our customers in minimizing production losses, reducing downtimes and increasing and optimizing quality.

The three pillars of our range of services:


  • Inspection programmes for periodic inspections in acc. with technical rules for steam boilers (TRD) and rules of the professional association for electricity and thermal energy generation (VGB rules)
  • Stress-rupture examinations
  • Creep and creep-crack analyses
  • Mechanical-technological and non-destructive materials and component testing



  • Static and dynamic stress analyses and service life verification in accordance with all kinds of regulations, also for nuclear facilities
  • Dynamic calculations / crash simulation
  • Design optimization for mechanical and thermal loads
  • Certification



  • Remaining service life evaluation
  • Consulting on material use and tasks involving welding technology
  • Manufacturing and construction site supervision


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