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13.05.2015 | 

Cut your cost! - 7 % energy saving by powering presses with the Ecodrive

Siempelkamp has developed the Ecodrive drive system to power its ContiRoll® discharge drums. Consisting of an energy-efficient electric motor and two-stage gearbox, the powerful system is suitable for all ContiRoll® models. An original version of the drive system will be presented for the first time at LIGNA 2015.

With the Ecodrive, ContiRoll® operators save 7 % energy

Plant owners can achieve high effectiveness even at low speeds with the Ecodrive. This is due to a permanent-magnet synchronous motor (PSM) for a variable-speed output shaft at consistently high torque. Under full load, Siempelkamp customers save at least 7 % energy compared to the previous drive system. The benefits of the Ecodrive in regards to energy efficiency become even more apparent under partial load. Therefore the system ensures a fast return on investment, even with subsequent installation.

Maintenance effort and the associated downtime are also minimized with the first drive system developed in-house by Siempelkamp. For example, bearing and gear wheel wear is reduced thanks to the low speeds of the synchronous motor. The probability of system failure is reduced to a minimum by using only two reduction stages.

The Siempelkamp Ecodrive is available with switchgear as part of a new system. It is also designed so that it is excellent for integration into existing systems – with no major conversion effort. With the Ecodrive, ContiRoll® operators can definitely count on even torque and constant performance with optimum synchronization. 

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