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13.05.2015 | 

Cut your cost! - Up to 10% glue savings in particle board production

Building on the success of the innovative Ecoresinator blender system for fibers, Siempelkamp has developed a novel blender for particle board production: The Ecoresinator P. Up to 10% documented glue savings and never-before-seen, even glue application to the particles make this system a sensible investment – for new or proven plants.

The Ecoresinator P saves up to 10% glue

Since Siempelkamp first introduced its novel Ecoresinator 2011 MDF blender at LIGNA, the system has been sold 27 times. It has been proven to save Siempelkamp customers 15% and more in glue and material. Significant savings can also be achieved with the Ecoresinator P for particles: In the course of initial tests at a Turkish customer's plant, approximately 10% glue savings were realized in the core layer with the new system.

Hand in hand development

Siempelkamp developed the Ecoresinator P in cooperation with its subsidiary CMC Texpan in Colzate, Italy based on empirical values from the Ecoresinator for MDF. With the Ecoresinator P, the core-layer material is first divided and then sprayed with a fine glue mist from the inside and outside using special nozzles with optimum pressure that are installed offset and opposite to each other. The system is currently in further development at a Siempelkamp customer site in Central Europe. Two other systems have already been sold.

Conclusion: With the Ecoresinator P, low investment costs produce major savings. The new blender can be retrofitted without modifying the customer’s glue kitchen including the metering system.

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