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13.05.2015 | 

Cut your cost! - Use of materials in surface-layer forming reduced by 5%

For surface-layer forming, Siempelkamp in cooperation with its Italian subsidiary CMC Texpan has developed a product concept to market readiness: The wind former Ecoformer SL (Surface Layer). Proven to reduce the use of materials by up to 5% compared to conventional systems and producing optimum, even surface-layer forming, the Ecoformer SL is a “must have” in particle board production. Siempelkamp is presenting the system at LIGNA 2015.

The “must have” in particle board production: the new wind former Ecoformer SL

The Ecoformer SL sets itself apart in particular by homogeneous forming of the surface-layers. In the wind forming chamber that distributes the surface-layer particles, the speed of the airflow can be adjusted separately for different levels. This is realized with two small fans in the lower and two larger axial fans in the upper section. An intermediate chamber ensures the even distribution of the airflow to the perforated nozzle plate behind it. This makes it possible to channel the airflow to the individual air nozzles. Mechanically controlled valves are used to control and adjust the flow of the air stream and therefore its speed at different levels. This results in never-before-seen, precise and controlled wind distribution in the entire forming chamber.

Reduced energy consumption, straightforward maintenance

The loss of pressure in the forming chamber was reduced sevenfold as well. Less energy is consumed to reach the required pressure. For particle board producers who form their surface layers with the Ecoformer SL in the future, this means proven energy savings of up to 65%.

Optimized access and straightforward cleaning of the short, round air nozzles also make the system more maintenance-friendly. This reduces downtime while system availability and productivity are improved. The Ecoformer SL is suitable either as part of a new particle board line or can be integrated precisely into the installation space of a traditional wind former as a modernization package.

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