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Siempelkamp particleboard plant for SAIB, Italy - Particleboard made of 100% recovered wood

In February 2015 Siempelkamp Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH in Krefeld received an order from the particleboard manufacturer SAIB S.p.A., Italy: For its existing particleboard plant in Fossadello di Caorso, located in the Piacenze region south-east of Milan, the long-term Siempelkamp customer ordered a complete forming and press line as well as the blending system, the cooling and stacking line and an intermediate storage system. The new plant technology is perfectly adjusted to the raw material; SAIB uses 100% recovered wood for its particleboard production. The features of the new components correspond to the ecological approach of the Italian customer: Especially Siempelkamp's high-end press, a Generation 8 ContiRoll®, ensures resin and material savings and resource-conserving production.

Contract signing in Italy (from left to right): SAIB Owner Adriana Rinaldi, Siempelkamp Managing Di-rector Jürgen Philipps, SAIB Owner Valeria Rinaldi, Siempelkamp Managing Director Heinz Classen, Siempelkamp Sales Manager Thomas Steeger and SAIB Owner in the next generation Engineer Sergio Doriguzzi

SAIB, founded in 1962, has been producing particleboard on Siempelkamp equipment since 1968. Back then the plant capacity amounted to 120 m3. In 1998 SAIB ordered the first ContiRoll® press with a length of 23.5 m which was designed for a particleboard output of 600 m³. Two years later the press was extended to a length of 30.4 m and production increased by another 400 m³ to 1,000 m³. In the early 1980s the Italian company, which has remained a family business, started with the production of laminated boards on a Siempelkamp short-cycle press. Today SAIB operates a multi-daylight press, a continuous production line and two short-cycle presses -  all made by Siempelkamp. This equipment will be complemented by the particleboard plant which was ordered in February and which will replace the existing multi-daylight press. To do so the new components will be optimally integrated into the existing plant structure between front-end machinery and board finishing equipment. 

The Siempelkamp scope of supply for SAIB starts with the resin blending system and in-cludes the dosing bunker, the resin blender as well as the resin preparation and dosing system.  The company's strong environmental awareness is for example demonstrated in the selection of the raw material: Approximately 20 years ago SAIB changed its raw material for production to recovered wood. Siempelkamp customized its plant components to the requirements of the used raw material. 

Generation 8 ContiRoll® – The original

With the 8‘ x 30.4 m ContiRoll® press of the 8th Generation SAIB relies on the original in the area of high-end production technology for wood-based materials. With its innovative pressure distribution plates and six rows of cylinders the Siempelkamp press operates virtually isobaric. With it SAIB will be able to manufacture boards of a consistent high quality while, at the same time, saving resin and lowering grinding tolerances. The perfect board surfaces allow subsequent direct laminating. The forming and press line is furthermore characterized by its high product flexibility. SAIB will be able to produce particleboard with a thickness ranging between 6 and 50 mm and a width between 1,830 and 2,440 mm. At a board thickness of 16 mm the plant achieves a daily output of 1,180 m³. Due to an innovative feature that allows the production of lightweight boards, the new ContiRoll® can furthermore manufacture boards with reduced densities of approximately 500 kg/m³.  

Downstream of the press Siempelkamp will supply a double-diagonal saw, a cooling and stacking line as well as an intermediate storage system which will be connected to the existing finishing line. The Siempelkamp package is completed with measurement and control technology components, the steel structure, the wiring as well as the transport, installation and startup. The installation of the new Siempelkamp plant is scheduled to begin in October of this year already. 


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