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23.01.2015 | 

MDF plant for Asperbras, Brazil - Complete package with unique scope of supply

Siempelkamp Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH celebrates another sales success in Brazil: The new customer Asperbras ordered for its Água Clara location a complete MDF plant with a contract value of 67 million euro. The scope of supply could hardly be more comprehensive: Siempelkamp supplies all components for the high-end MDF line ranging from the engineering to the steel construction, to the complete fiber preparation technology and forming and press line all the way to the finishing equipment. Additionally, Siempelkamp will supply an energy plant, a short-cycle press line as well as an evaporation plant for the water treatment. This order represents another milestone in Siempelkamp's success story as a complete provider for the wood-based panel industry.

A 9’ x 27.1 m Generation 8 ContiRoll® press is part of the scope of supply for Asperbras

For many years, Siempelkamp in Krefeld, Germany, has been considered a major supplier for the wood-based panel industry. With the concentrated know-how of its departments as well as subsidiaries and affiliated companies, Siempelkamp offers customers complete particleboard, MDF and OSB production lines. The machine and plant manufacturer not only possesses the highend technology which provides operators with clear competitive ad-vantage but also possesses first-class process know-how which ensures safe and stable operation of Siempelkamp plants for many years. The recent order from Brazil shows that the "all from a single source" principle meets the needs of the customers for best plant quality, lowest number of interfaces possible and a single point of contact.

Cannot be any more complete!

The scope of supply for the new MDF plant for Asperbras is comprehensive. Initially, this includes the plant planning and engineering by the Siempelkamp subsidiary Sicoplan in Belgium. Next to the steel construction and sheet metal work, the complete conveyor technology, debarker, chipper, bunker, chip washing, fiber preparation technology, silos equipped with extracting systems, fiber sifters, belt scales, moisture meters as well as the forming machine are part of the scope of supply. The fiber dryer with a dry material throughput of 23 t/h as well as the 42 MW energy plant will be supplied by the Siempelkamp subsidiary Büttner Energie- und Trocknungstechnik GmbH.

Siempelkamp will manufacture the complete resin preparation and dosing system including an Ecoresinator for fibers as well as a forming and press line with 9’ x 27.1 m ContiRoll® press in its own production facility. The proven continuous press is meanwhile offered to plant operators in its 8th generation and is characterized by excellent pressure distribution due to innovative pressure distribution plates and an additional row of cylinders. The pre-press and the complete finishing line with double diagonal saw, cooling turners, intermediate board storage, sanding machines, dividing saw and packing equipment are supplied and assembled by Siempelkamp Krefeld. Furthermore, the order includes a short-cycle press for the surface lamination of the finished boards. An evaporation facility for the water treatment and a refiner are also part of the scope of supply. The order for Asperbras is completed with the automation technology for the complete plant including SicoScan and Prod-IQ®.

Capture new markets with Siempelkamp

The customer will enter into a new market segment with the new Siempelkamp plant for MDF. Established in 1950, Asperbras initially concentrated on the production of pipes and irrigation tubes. Over the years, the company internationalized its business activities and expanded its locations from Brazil to countries on the African continent. Today, Asperbras is active across a wide spectrum of industries including the construction and real estate, food, mining and electricity generation industries. At the Àgua Clara location in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, the customer will soon be producing MDF for the furniture industry. The installation start is scheduled for February of 2016.


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