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20.12.2018 | 

Berneck orders Generation 9 ContiRoll® NEO for new Brazilian location in Lages

Krefeld, December 20, 2018 – with the awarding of the contract to Siempelkamp, the Brazilian company Berneck S. A. Painéis e Serrados has ordered its fifth production plant with cutting-edge ContiRoll® technology. The company has trusted in Siempelkamp’s experience in technology for the production of wood-based materials for the last 35 years. With this repeat order Berneck intends to meet the increasing demand of the Latin American market.

H. Gilson Berneck, President Berneck S.A., Werner Masnitza, Sales Director South America Siempelkamp and H. Daniel Berneck, Industrial Director Berneck S.A. (from right to left)

Founded in 1952 as a sawmill in Bituruna in the federal state of Paraná, Berneck S. A. Painéis e Serrados is one of the largest producers in the South American market and maintains trade relations to more than 60 countries. The manufacturer primarily processes wood from pine trees (Pinus elliottii) grown on the company’s sustainable plantations which cover an area of 63,000 ha. To offset forestry use Berneck plants more than 4 million trees each year, both pine and teak trees (Tectona grandis), at the company’s plantations close to Brasnorte in Central Brazil.  The wood-based materials manufacturer uses 100 % of the harvested wood. The waste materials from its saw mills are the source material for the production of MDP, MDF and HDF. Berneck employs approximately 1,600 people at production locations in Araucária, Curitibanos, Brasnorte, and, in the future, Lages. 

The scope of supply for the order from Berneck S. A. Painéis e Serrados includes the resin kitchen equipped with the Ecoresinator, the continuous press line with ContiRoll® to the finishing line with the cooling turners and the intermediate storage. The drying of the wood fibers takes place in a flue gas-free indirectly steam-heated flash tube dryer made by Büttner. The engineering of the whole plant is carried out by Siempelkamp’s Belgium subsidiary Sicoplan based on laser-scan-supported surveying of the local production site. Sicoplan is also responsible for the planning of the steel construction and the wiring necessary for the process equipment. Both will be implemented by Siempelkamp. 

The heart of the plant comes from Siempelkamp’s production in Krefeld - the ContiRoll® Generation 9 with a length of 48.8 m and a width of 9´. With this latest generation of the continuous press for wood-based materials, the ContiRoll® Generation 9 NEO (New Entry Option), Berneck receives the most advanced Siempelkamp technology as the very first customer. The key design feature of the NEO version is its ultra-flexible, extended press infeed.   

Ten press frames with a distance of 530 mm from each other provide for solid static conditions; the booster hot platen, extended by 100 %, together with the highly specialized press hydraulics, allows production increases of up to 30 %. 

The competitive advantages that Siempelkamp offers its customers with the Generation 9 ContiRoll® series include best machine availability, minimal maintenance efforts, precise performance and status control, and a further-enhanced product quality while, at the same time, providing high potential for energy and material savings. 

The scope of supply also includes that all five of Berneck’s production lines will be equipped with Prod-IQ Next. For Berneck, this state-of the-art digitalization will make a self-optimizing, almost reject-free production of wood-based materials with continuously high product quality possible.  

Following the plant’s startup, scheduled for spring of 2021, the new Berneck production location in Lages will manufacture 1,665 of MDF daily. The installation of the plant is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2020 and the production of the first board is forecast for December of the same year. 


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