Presses for the SMC/RTM process

With the new Siempelkamp press, fiberglass reinforced plastic components can be manufactured for the automobile industry - mainly using the SMC process. The advantages of Siempelkamp's composite technology for the customer are obvious:

  1. High flexibility: With a simple modification, it is possible to change the 2,000 t down-stroke press over from the SMC process to the RTM process. The unique hydraulic control allows the use of many different tools - thus, also contributing to high product flexibility.
  2. Material savings: The new press has a highly precise single cylinder control which ensures high quality for different component shapes and geometries. With the SMC components manufactured on the new Siempelkamp press, smaller tolerances can be achieved than in the past. This pays off: The customer saves up to 20 % in material per component part and with it significant production costs!
  3. High-quality products: Through the movement of the upper press table along the X and Y axes, stress-free closing of the tools and an efficient de-gasing are possible. Thus, the percentage of pores is significantly reduced and product quality improved. The precise positioning of the upper mold allows an adjustment in the 1/100 mm of the mold gap.
  4. High outputs: The tilting of the table has another advantage: Due to the inclined position, for which the upper mold is first lowered near the sprue and then in the riser area to achieve the final shape, the resin can be more quickly and evenly distributed. Next to the improved quality of the impregnation, this also shortens the impregnating time. More parts can be produced in a shorter production period.
  5. Safe production: Next to the press, hydraulics and automation, the complete visualization of all processes as well as of the associated peripheral devices such as the tool heating system and the injection system can be ordered. In this way, the customer can continuously monitor the production. The process data management system DAHMOS, also part of the customer's scope of supply, allows the analysis, evaluation and optimizing of individual press cycles.


Carsten Daub


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