Individual “Direct Tensioning” concept in the creel with controlled steel cord tension distribution system

Siempelkamp steel cord conveyor belt press lines feature an innovative steel cord tensioning concept: The controlled steel cord tension distribution system opens up increased production safety and improved quality for our customers.

The electromotive individually controlled tensioning system located directly in the creel with integrated measuring and control functions allows 100% control over the actual steel cord tension distribution. For our customers the exact quality reporting allows to optimize production and product quality.

The new concept includes a roller comb that replaces the fixed finger comb used in previous systems. In this way, the friction between comb and steel cables is eliminated. As a result, the abrasive wear on the galvanized steel cables is reduced. Furthermore, compared to the traditional concept, the new roller comb ensures that the tension distribution will be deflected as little as possible.


    • direct tensioning drive in the creel
    • individually controlled steel cord tension distribution
    • low abrasive wear on steel cables
    • tension distribution deflected as little as possible

    Customer benefit:

    • high production safety
    • optimized product quality
    • reduced product changeover time


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