Multi-piston presses

For the production of conveyor belts with steel cord or textile material layers, Siempelkamp offers a multi-piston down-stroke press including 2 track production. With a pressure of 400 N/m2, conveyor belts with a width of up to 3,200 mm and a thickness of up to 50 mm can be manufactured. For this process, Siempelkamp's multi-piston presses provide a pressure distribution that was previously unattainable with hydraulic-mechanical press systems as well as reduced thickness tolerances of the conveyor belts compared to traditional press concepts.   


    • conveyor belt thickness starting at 5 mm
    • optimal pressure distribution due to multi-piston concept
    • elimination of press table and full-surface hot platen insulation
    • improved press gap parallelism 
    • high safety standards

    Customer benefit:

    • improved process safety
    • low material and production costs due to reduced thickness tolerances
    • requires minimal foundation footing
    • easy maintenance and long operating life




      Steffen Aumüller


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      Simulation of pressure distribution of bolster press concept (1/4 hot platen, 4 cylinders with grid construction)
      Simulation pressure distribution MultiCylinderPress (1/4 hot platen, 39 cylinders without bolster)