Multi-piston press KT 400: the standard line

Siempelkamp's multi-piston press is firmly established in the market. This concept demonstrates its strengths when different board sizes have to be laminated. Boards with thickness ranging from 3 - 50 mm represent a considerable spectrum. Additionally, width (infinitely from 1830 mm – 2100mm) and length (infinitely from 3660 – 5610 mm) are variable.

Furthermore, the concept benefits from press cylinders that can be controlled individually and from custom designed hotplates. Another special feature is the automatic size change: Necessary adjustments to individual machines and equipment are carried out automatically after the user inputs the data into the control interface

Technical features:

  • rows of three or more cylinders
  • optimal pressure distribution thanks to multi-piston design and adapted control technology (due to several available press systems which can be adjusted independently from one another)
  • full size reduction
  • innovative mounting of the upper hotplate results in precise parallelism of both hotplates

Customer benefits:

  • flexible board width adjustment
  • look and feel of material surfaces is very realistic


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