Siempelkamp is the competent partner in the field of upgrade and retrofit of metal forming presses. Due to our engineering know-how as OEM (original equipment manufacturer) we are able to offer supplies and services in the field of

  • Mechanics
  • Electrics and automation technology
  • as well as hydraulics.

Mechanics: After thorough analysis of the existing component parts by means of FEM we provide for optimized engineering of the new structural elements to be laid out. The existing general requirements of the complete line establish the basis for the new design. Due to the integrated manufacturing facilities within the Siempelkamp group the new component parts can be produced economically with maximum quality and – if necessary – within a minimum of time.

Electrics and automation technology: Upgrades of electric systems, controls and automations considering the latest microprocessor and sensor technology help the customer to bring out the best of his line. New visualizations provide for improved, easier and safer operating concepts. Modern additional functions as machine monitoring or remote maintenance can be also realized.

Hydraulics: In the field of hydraulics Siempelkamp designs and builds for both oil hydraulic and water-hydraulic installations smoothly and reliably drive systems. The scope of modification includes e.g. the renewal of valve blocks with the related valve technology, pipe installations as well as the complete control unit in the sector of servo drives.

Siempelkamp supplies the complete range of services all from one source thus ensuring excellent quality and minimum downtimes. 


Sebastian Eickhoff




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