World Records

World record castings at Siempelkamp a long tradition

Innovative developments and continuous new challenges from our customers allow us to achieve incredibly high performance, e.g. in the form of world record castings. Although we already have experience with world records, the tension amongst the employees involved in the casting is very high every time. The proficient and competent work of all participants in the manufacturing process means, however, that we are always confident of working successfully with these dimensions.

Year History of Siempelkamp world record castings
1983 1st world record casting: 168-ton frame for a 4,000-ton forging press
1987 New world record: 188-tonne moving crossbeam for a 15,000-tonne solid forming press
1991 World record: 195-ton grinding table for cement plant in Indonesia
1998 World record: 260-tons casting for a grinding table, cast from five ladles simultaneously
2009 Next world record casting after almost 10 years: 270-tons of liquid iron formed into a top crossbeam for a straightening press
2010 Broke own world record after only a year: 283-ton casting for a top crossbeam
2013 Own world records beaten three times

  • 12 July 2013: 296 tons of liquid iron form a lower table for the construction of a closed-die forging press with a press force of 50,000 tons
  • 19 July 2013: 301-t casting of a lower table
  • 11 September 2013: world record casting in a new dimension – 320 tons of liquid iron solidify to build a lower beam of a 12,500-t closed-die forging press

Closed-die forging press for the Nanshan Group: World record casting with 320 t of molten iron

With the casting of a 320 t lower press beam, which is part of a 12,500 t closed-die forging press for plant operator Nanshan in China, Siempelkamp broke its own world record on September 11, 2013.

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World record casting with 320 t of molten iron

The world’s largest casting – precision work to a tenth of a millimeter

World record achievement: With the pouring of the largest casting ever made of cast iron with spheroidal graphite, Siempelkamp has set new standards at the company’s Krefeld-based foundry on May 19, 2009.

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The world’s largest casting – precision work to a tenth of a millimeter

Record project: Alcoa‘s closed-die forging press: A landmark will once again be updated!

This fall the last component parts for a Siempelkamp reference project set sail to Alcoa Forging & Extrusions. In 2009 Alcoa ordered a total of 14 castings and several custom components for the refurbishment of one of the world‘s largest closed-die forging presses located in Cleveland, Ohio. The corresponding engineering was commissioned back in 2008. After the retrofi tting, the 50,000-ton press (450 MN) will be the most up-to-date and effi cient forging press in its class! For Siempelkamp Giesserei this order represents a world record, for the entire Group it is shared work on a ‘Super Giant’.

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Record project: Alcoa‘s closed-die forging press