Logistics / Transportation

Solution-oriented and punctual delivery  world-wide

The final stage of our overall concept for cast components is, naturally, transportation, and delivery to the customer on schedule. This includes the logistical masterpieces that our transportation department achieves. Even where this means transporting cast iron components with large geometries and weights by road, water or rail, and within the tightest schedules. Whatever the demands, the customer gets the entire logistical service from Siempelkamp, including preservation, packaging and transportation to anywhere in the world!

Logistical masterstrokes achieved by coordinated effort within the Siempelkamp Group: A casting goes on a journey

In 2009 Siempelkamp Foundry produced about 4,500 castings with different dimensions and weights. While Siempelkamp Giesserei is well-known for record-holding finished products, a much less obvious, but nevertheless equally important service might turn out record-breaking as well: the transport of the castings from Krefeld to their destination points. Our report shows that when it comes to transport planning, it’s often the little things that cause big problems.

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A casting goes on a journey