Cast Iron Welding

Safe and standardized welding processes

Casting and welding are not at odds with each other for Siempelkamp. Welding, whether during production or for repair purposes, is part of the manufacturing process for a cast component. Our own independently developed welding processes for welding with matching and non-matching filler material, and our own patented special process for large defective areas, are the result of over 20 years of consistent research, development and customer-focussed practical implementation. The professional elimination of process-related discontinuities and casting defects such as sand inclusions, slaggy patches, bubbles, shrinkage cavities, cracks, etc. removes the need for time-consuming and expensive manufacturing of new cast iron parts. Through our active involvement in all standardization committees, all manufacturing stages relevant to foundry technology are implemented in order to ensure a reliable welding process.

We also supply our process for cast iron welding as an external service provider. Qualified and experienced Siempelkamp employees perform the corresponding process at your manufacturing facilities.