Mechanical Engineering

Cast iron parts in a wide range of applications

The mechanical engineering is a wide business area, for which Siempelkamp produces cast components in a wide range of geometries and sizes.

For rolling mills, we supply the roll housing and frame, as well as the smaller chocks and inserts made from cast iron with nodular graphite. The roll housings have a raw cast weight from 20 up to 160 tons. The smaller supporting roller chocks and inserts weigh between six and approx. fifteen tons. Another cast component for rolling mills are gear boxes, which we also produce for the food industry.

In the past, grey cast iron components were typically used for general machine tool manufacturing. As a result of its excellent mechanical properties, cast iron with nodular graphite has proven more effective in this field, too, and has increasingly replaced grey cast iron.

Siempelkamp supplies the general machine tool manufacturing industry with cast iron parts for large machines, for processing workpieces. Our product range extends here from face plates, secondary beams, machine beds and side supports to crossbeams. We meet the customer challenges in this business area, too. This is because the focus here is not on the manageable unit weights of up to 150 tons, but on ensuring the precision of the components.

The field of medical technology is also represented in our customer base. We have been supplying shielding elements to this market for many years already.

Machine beds for the third generation of DMG machine tools

In the Allgäu region of Germany, Siempelkamp cast components are already going into a third generation of machinery: Deckel Maho Gildemeister (DMG) consistently relies on foundry technology from Krefeld for ist machine beds. The complex component is created on the basis of more than ten years of successful cooperation between the machine tools manufacturer from Pfronten/Germany and Siempelkamp Giesserei.

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Machine beds for the third generation of DMG machine tools

State-of-the-art for large as well as small products: Quality castings from Siempelkamp Giesserei for the printing and packaging industry

Siempelkamp Giesserei is a leader in the production of heavy and large castings. The company holds several world records for heavy castings made of nodular cast iron. The casting of the CASTOR® nuclear waste containers is another example for the company’s high quality standards. The Siempelkamp Foundry is not only trend-setting with its large-scale castings, smaller castings are also up and coming.

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State-of-the-art for large as well as small products

Siempelkamp Giesserei supplies core components for a state-of the-art mill center

The success of the Siempelkamp Giesserei is not only measured by the weight of the castings it produces, but also by the special application areas for which these casting are produced. For such applications, we could convince our customers of the advantages of ductile cast iron. This was also the case when Deckel Maho came to the Siempelkamp Foundry with the design drawings for a new mill center.

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Siempelkamp Foundry supplies core components...