Plastic Injection Molding Machines

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Everyday items manufactured from plastic, e.g. the housing of a clothes iron or a plastic bottle, are manufactured in plastic injection molding machines in which cast components are used. Almost all industries use these consumable goods: the food and automotive industries, the entertainment electronics industry and medical technology are just a small selection of the application areas. Siempelkamp casts numerous of components each year for the construction of these machines.

Plastic injection molding machines are produced both as two-plate and as three-plate machines. The press force used to close the plates during the injection molding process reaches up to 7,000 tons. The plates have an individual weight of up to 200,000 kg. 

Siempelkamp's production range for plastic injection molding machines:

  • Casting plates
  • Main frames
  • Hydraulic cylinders

Nodular cast iron gets plastics into shape

Who thinks of Siempelkamp Giesserei when buying a crate of mineral water? Probably nobody because primarily one is only pleased about the light plastic bottles inside the handy crates. Who has ever wondered how the interior trim for a car is made? Here, not only the design is important but also the functionality, for example, in regard to the sound insulation. This, by the way, goes for many everyday necessities. Rarely are we aware how something is made, especially when the product is only a means to an end. Just as the bottle which to most only serves as a transport and storage means for water or the door trim panel inside a car which minimizes driving noises.

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Nodular cast iron gets plastics into shape