Nuclear Power

Ductile cast iron cask bodies for the safe transportation and storage of radioactive materials

As early as the 1960s, Siempelkamp Giesserei developed and manufactured a cast material for the shielding of the nuclear ship "NS Otto-Hahn". The 1970s were characterised by the development of thick-walled ductile cast iron for the Castor® cask body.

Siempelkamp Giesserei today is widely recognized as a specialist in casting transportation and storage casks for spent fuel elements and highly radioactive waste. The high requirements for the materials and microstructure are guaranteed by the high-precision process control during production at the foundry, as is the reproducible manufacturing of these test-intensive and complex high-tech cast components. The raw cast weights for these cask bodies lie between 80,000 and 160,000 kg, with a wall thickness of up to 600 mm.

Our cask range for transportation and storage is supplemented by cast iron casks for lightly and medium radioactive waste, e.g. the MOSAIK® cask body with a raw cast weight of 6,000 kg. Or the cast iron container, a space-saving cubic container shape with a raw cast weight of approx. 21,000 kg.

Safety elements made from ductile cast iron for the construction of new EPR™ reactors

With the expansion of the safety facilities over recent years in the construction of new nuclear power plants, we have also been casting the cast elements for the core catcher cooling structure. The core catcher is another safety component for the construction of the new EPR™ reactors.