Engines for the drive system and a secure power supply

The casting of engine blocks is a complex challenge for the manufacturer. Therefore, it is necessary to subject the component to an optimized cooling process, in order to achieve ideal geometric conditions and avoid wall thickness differences. In order to counteract the appearance of internal stresses during this complex process, Siempelkamp Giesserei utilises a special cooling concept. The effect of this is that the cast iron part does not cool too abruptly, temperature differences in the mould are reduced and the low-stress annealing process is avoided.

Siempelkamp casts engine blocks from six to 20 cylinders with a weight of 3,000 to 84,000 kg. These engines are used as drive assemblies and for power supplies e.g. on cruise ships, in the navy, and on merchant vessels. Further application areas include energy conversion, power plants, hospitals and shopping centres, none of which can safely be taken off the grid and which therefore have a large demand for emergency power systems.

Large engine component construction at Siempelkamp Giesserei: The solution to staying cool!

Majestic ocean liners such as the Queen Mary and the Freedom of the Seas stand for stylish romance when it comes to cruise traveling. A glance into the production spectrum of our Foundry shows that these travel dreams can melt like ice-cream without solid Siempelkamp technology.

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Large engine component construction at Siempelkamp Giesserei